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We saw The Pruning Guru's yard sign in another lawn a year ago. Having always done my own pruning, I thought I might try someone who actually knew what he was doing. Everyone would like you to think they do but truth is, they'll sell you anything all you have to do is ask. Just ask for this bush or that and almost everyone will tell you how wonderful it will look. No one will tell you it will need full sun and will therefore not work there until I met Rick Smith of The Pruning Guru. He was honest with us and had no problem helping us understand some of the problems we had created for ourselves by simply not knowing. We decided to let Rick take over just to see if he could do what we knew needed to be done but this time, the right way. It's been a slow effort. His crews have always been here when they said they would and have worked tirelessly from start to finish doing exactly what they agreed to do. This spring we will see those efforts pay off and finally watch the yard POP the way we know it used to. They're wonderful to work with and are loaded with information and advice that no one else has or no one else will share. They are, "Simply the Best"!
Posted: 3/30/2016 

"The Pruning Guru is not like any other yard service we have had, none of this mow, blow and go thing. We know that we can count on two hours every week of trained people being here to look after the needs of our plants: feeding, pruning, spraying, mulching, irrigating etc. They leave our yard looking "cared for". We are so pleased with the results."

                                                                                                Jarrett Davis

We have had the Pruning Guru tend to our yard for the past 3 years +. The reason we hired the Pruning Guru is that pruning and taking proper care of your plants and landscaping is truly an art. The landscape at your home is a major investment and should be properly maintained by people that understand this field. The team at the Pruning Guru are definitely artists and wonderful people to work with. They truly listen and confer with us on how we want our yard to appear. Our yard has evolved and looks fabulous all the time.

I initially called The Pruning Guru to have him come out to prune just a few fruit trees but after the initial free estimate, it was so obvious that I needed a lot more help than that. Rick not only did a great job of explaining what needed to be done immediately, but also pointed out areas that would cause problems in the future as our landscaping matured.

His team did a fantastic job of pruning our trees, revitalizing our shrubs and left the yard cleaner than it was before they got there!

I can't recommend The Pruning Guru enough.
Pete VanSteen

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